generating Clients and Contracts through high flow traffic

Acquiring new clients and contracts In the online marketing space by Renting an online website and claiming leads that come into it requires less obligation and liability than a lot of the other methods that are used to draw leads.

Digital real Estate Rentals

Growing your customer base is so much cheaper and easier with a rented website. 

Successfully ranking and renting our one of our sites optimizes successful targets consumers looking to get work done. With no upfront costs or ad spend, and only renting a result driven rented website, the costs are very low.

Now that you understand the motivations of those who rank websites for rental and the clients who invest in them, all you have to do is connect and add us to your business or service. Following these simple steps below will take you all the way to the sale. To see if your a fit for our service please hit the button below and schedule a one on one call with us. 

Organic Advertisements are by far the most cost-effective form of advertising to date. That's why it's mostly the only thing we do. Being results driven, we aren't going to sell you something you don't need. With in-depth knowledge in leveraging our system to get you the best results you can use to justify your return on investment. 

Everything you need to grow!

List Title if needed

01 Per Lead

This is a great setup to get started, to fast track and occupy one of our sites. Though a little more complex than a flat rental agreement, We charge per lead generated and requires a smaller investment on your business part before you start seeing results. But in the long run will be more expensive as it grows.

02 Flat Monthly Rate

Just like property this is a great method, with minimal requirements other than setting up invoicing and payment. Setting the price here will be based around providing an estimate of the  average leads per month and then showing equivalent price per lead basis. This is the better method when results from "Per Lead" method above starts growing above this Flat Monthly Rate method.

03 Website Flipping

Unlike other options which are built around growing your business and recurring revenue. This is based on a website that has grown, ranked and optimized, in which we transfer all ownership over to the business who wishes to purchase it for a lump sum.

About the authors

Kaywood & Amanda have a passion in helping local businesses thrive and grow in their city. Specializing in high traffic volume flowing through rented websites and forwarding the leads to the tenant occupying that space.

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