generating Clients and Contracts through high flow traffic

Acquiring new clients and contracts In the online marketing space by Renting an online website and claiming leads that come into it requires less obligation and liability than a lot of the other methods that are used to draw leads.

about genlead consulting

who are we?

My wife and I own and operate  a local advertising business, called Genlead Consulting in Waterloo Ontario.  our passion for our community and helping others build their ideal business in growth and wellness by generating them new clients and new contracts is our mission.
Together we build Digital Real Estate Known As, "Google Map Listings", And Then Rent These Ranked Websites To Businesses That Want Those Leads that flow through them.

Meet Our People

the creative minds and energy that fuels Genlead Consulting to what it is today.

Founder & Ceo

Kaywood Parsons

 Carrying connotations of creativity and innovation, determination, and a drive for success, Kaywood's passion for learning and applying it to his life, his friends and business gives him the reason to be a part of something bigger.


Amanda Parsons

 Administrating the advertising for our in-house marketing,  Amanda creates, plans and delivers a strategic vision for clients.  Her role for creative thinking is the skill of proven leaders.

Accounting Clerk

Cindy Kroetsch

Cindy With Her Love Of Laughter Breaks Any Ice. Her Skills With Business, Drive And Energy can Get any Job Done.

Responsible for numerous tasks that call for this skill, including: Matching invoices to purchase orders or vouchers. Performing data entry. Maintaining accounting records and filing documents. Assisting with the processing of accounts payable and accounts receivable. 

what makes us unique

Those Who Rely On Leads Will Take Them Wherever They Can Get Them. Any Local Business, From Dentists To Lawyers And Home Repair Services, Want Leads Wherever They Can Get Them.
Renting An Online Website from us And Claiming Leads or clients and contracts That Come Into It Requires Less Obligation And Liability Than A Lot Of The Other Methods That Are Used To Draw Leads.

About the authors

Kaywood & Amanda have a passion in helping local businesses thrive and grow in their city. Specializing in high traffic volume flowing through rented websites and forwarding the leads to the tenant occupying that space.

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